AlphaBot2 Robot Kit for BBC micro:bit [discontinued]

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The AlphaBot2 robot kit is designed to use with the BBC micro:bit (not included) and features a great list of popular robot features including line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, Bluetooth remote control (via Android app), RGB LEDs, a buzzer and more!

Thanks to the highly integrated modular design, it's very easy to assemble without any soldering or fiddly wiring. After a few minutes assembling the kit, you're ready to code!

The user guide can be found here.

Important notes:

  • This robot requires a BBC micro:bit which is not included but can be purchased here.
  • 3.6V 14500 rechargeable lithium batteries with at least 800mAh capacity are required but not included (coming soon to the store!). AA batteries will not work!


AlphaBot2 employs a 2-layer structure to provide excellent stability and compatibility.

AlphaBot2-Base (the lower base chassis)

  • 5-ch infrared sensor, analogue output, combined with PID algorithm, stable line tracking
  • Onboard modules like line tracking, obstacle avoiding, needs no messy wiring
  • TB6612FNG dual H-bridge motor driver, compared with L298P, it's more efficient, more compact, and less heating
  • N20 micro gear motor, with metal gears, low noise, high accuracy
  • Onboard RGB LEDs, true colour lighting

AlphaBot2 for micro:bit (the upper adapter board for the controller)

  • micro:bit dedicated connector, for easily connecting with the micro:bit
  • MP1584 voltage regulator, provides stable 5V output
  • RT9193-33 voltage regulator, provides stable 3.3V voltage to the micro:bit
  • TLC1543 AD acquisition chip, allows the micro:bit to use analog sensors
  • PCA9685 PWM control chip, I/O expander
  • Onboard buzzer to play music
  • Dimensions: 110xx x 98mm

Kit contents

  • 1x AlphaBot2 for micro:bit (adapter board)
  • 1x AlphaBot2-Base (base chassis)
  • 1x Ultrasonic sensor
  • 1x FC-20P cable 8cm
  • 1x USB type A plug to micro B plug cable
  • 1x AlphaBot2 for micro:bit screws

micro:bit not included

What's on the AlphaBot2 Base

Alphabot2 base

1) AlphaBot2 control interface: for connecting sorts of controller adapter board
2) Ultrasonic module interface
3) Obstacle avoiding indicators
4) Omni-direction wheel
5) ST188: reflective infrared photoelectric sensor, for obstacle avoiding
6) ITR20001/T: reflective infrared photoelectric sensor, for line tracking
7) Potentiometer for adjusting obstacle avoiding range
8) TB6612FNG dual H-bridge motor driver
9) LM393 voltage comparator
10) N20 micro gear motor reduction rate 1:30, 6V/600RPM
11) Rubber wheels diameter 42mm, width 19mm
12) Power switch
13) Battery holder: supports 14500 batteries
14) WS2812B: true color RGB LEDs
15) Battery charging indicator
16) 5V USB battery charging port
17) Power indicator

What's on the AlphaBot2 for micro:bit (upper layer)

AlphaBot2 Top

1) micro:bit connector
2) AlphaBot2-Base header: for connecting with the base board
3) RT9193-33: 3.3V voltage regulator, stable power supply for the micro:bit
4) PCA9685: PWM control chip, I/O expander, I2C interface
5) TLC1543: 10-bit AD acquisition chip, allows the micro:bit to use analog line tracking sensor
6) Buzzer
7) MP1584 5V voltage regulator


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